Wildfire + Moving into my house + Fighting my depression

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There's been a lingering question in my mind for quite some time.. "Who is Ryne Meadow?" And, the thing is, I used to think I knew... but that part of me went away a long time ago. 

About two years ago, I moved my life from small town Georgia to the Mega-Metropolis NYC area. I was hopeful, arrogant, and most of all naive. I thought my troubles would leave me with this move, my demons would disappear, and I'd become a completely successful musician based on talent alone. 

Boy, was I wrong. 

Days, weeks, months went by and nothing miraculous seemed to happen. I was frantically trying to keep up with life and art and balance cost of living in between. I felt lost... 

So, what did I do?...

I forced myself to travel back home frequently to make an album that I refused to give up on. It was an expensive and unethical way of doing things... but I was happy doing it. Or I thought I was until it all ended. The album was done, press was contacted, praise was given, and it soon released. That's when I fell into the darkness. And I stayed there for a very long time. 

I lost it all. My will to continue on. My voice that I used to hide behind the many sounds of my music. Myself, in general, was nowhere to be found. And I sat there in that moment, that ended up being almost a year of my life, in defeat. Until one day I decided that the end was nowhere near and that I still have much more to give. I'd like to say life turned around immediately, but life takes time. 

So, with that being said, Ryne Meadow is a work in progress. He's a diamond in the rough, a songbird mending a broken tweet. He doesn't have it all together. Some days are harder than others, because he's human. And that's okay.

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