In Case You've Missed All the YouTube...

Hello, guys!

If you've been following my Facebook page, you'll know that I've started up my YouTube channel again (LittleSongBirdTales) and I just wrapped up my second week of videos!

I post new videos every Tuesday and Thursday! Tuesday's video is a cover/original song while Thursday's video is like a blog of sorts! I've really had fun and I hope you enjoy following my journey! I'll link each set of videos below!


Week 1

Week 2 (AKA my FAVE!!!)

Thursday (RyneTyme):

Week 1

Week 2

As I always say, let me know what content YOU want to see! I'm open to suggestions!

I'll talk to you all soon! There's big things happening in the coming months and I'm literally bursting trying to keep from you all!

-ryne <3