Diane Birch at the Rubin Museum of Art

Hey guys!

Whaddya know. It's my first week in this city and I've already been able to attend a show. Tonight, I had the great pleasure of seeing an intimate unplugged set by Diane Birch! I was blown away by her amazing skills on the piano and how well her voice projects. Her most recent release was an amazing album called Speak a Little Louder. I played it on repeat for a good year! I'll include one of my favorite songs from said album below.

 I also got to have this little treat after the show. :-) It's a Caramel Apple Martini! Oh, the joys of being 21.

As far as what else I've been doing.... Well, nothing. I'm working on getting settled in, of course, and getting used to the weather. I feel so happy here. It still doesn't feel real, but I know it will soon.

I'll talk to you guys in the next few days!