Welcome to New York

"... It's been waiting for you!"

Yes, Yes! I've made it! After a grueling 20 hour train ride through a winter storm, I've finally arrived in my new home! 

I'm still exhausted from my trip, so I'm not as excited as I normally would be. Believe me, I'm still as wonderstruck by all of the magic surrounding me! It's so amazing that everything is right at my fingertips now. I don't think it's quite set in yet. :-)

Below is a gallery of images from both my journey and my first day in the city!

It still feels so surreal. Just a few days ago, I was frantically preparing for this move, worried that I'd forget the most important of things. Thankfully, it feels like that was weeks ago. I feel so carefree and at ease at the moment. I don't know what's to come yet and I kind of like that. There's something so beautiful about the unknown. On the one hand, you're nervous and scared of what lies beyond the corner; on the other, you're excited about all of the great possibilities life throws at you. Whatever happens, I hope you follow me on this journey. There's plenty of room for everyone. :-)

As a side note, I've compiled all of the demos I made in the past year into a playlist on SoundCloud! I managed to update all of them before I had to pack up my gear. Heres to striving for bigger things with my music. It's time to make something happen. <3

This might be all you get from me music wise until I get settled into the new apartment! I hope it ties you over!

Now, I'm off to bed! I will keep you all updated on my new life!