I Have a Show Tomorrow + GINGER STATUS!


Tomorrow is VERY important for me, because I play one of my LAST TWO SHOWS IN GEORGIA before the move!

I REALLY hope to see you all there! Obviously, it's gonna be a fun time! The Skipperdees start at around 8:00PM and I follow, ending out the night. :-)

The venue is Hendershots Coffee Bar in Athens, Ga. Price of admission is $5.00!

It's gonna be great, guys! I've been working really hard on the presentation and material!


There's a link to the events at the top of the Dates page (I would hyperlink it here, but that feature on Squarespace will not work for me anymore).

Also, I dyed my hair. It was time for me to become a Ginger. Let's be honest, I was born for this.