Rediscovering Old Inspiration

I had forgotten how much I adored Zoe Keating, ESPECIALLY her live performance!

For all that are unaware, Zoe Keating is an electronic artist with one sole focus: the cello. Her pieces are made up of layer upon layer of lush cello, bringing the listener into vivid dreamscapes that can evoke the strongest of emotions.

She was an integral influence on my start as a creative musician. Hell, I even received a cello for my birthday one year, after BEGGING my parents to purchase me one, with the intent on learning it and incorporating it into my own work because of her mad skills! Sadly, I never really grasped the art of the instrument and mine is no longer in my possession. All is well, though. I can still appreciate her process and apply the inspiration to my work!

This is one of my favorite pieces by Zoe!

I encourage you all to dive deep into her music! She has something for everyone!


P.S. This music is PERFECT for a sleep playlist. I speak from experience.