I WAS gonna try to do a cover for my post today, but seeing as I have a sore throat out of nowhere, I decided to give my voice a rest. Instead I'm going to write about one of my favorite original songs: Blackberry Vine.

I wrote the song almost four years ago and I feel like it's one that people tend to overlook at shows. When people hear the name, they tend to think it's an upbeat folk song (they couldn't be more wrong).... It's not as loud as some of the others(maybe that's why it's overlooked -_- ), but I really feel think the lyrics are powerful. To this day, it's one of those songs that fully resonates with me. Recently, I've felt it's impact more than usual.

When I wrote the song, I was in this sticky situation [similar to one I'm in now (just not as intense)]. It's about wanting to rekindle an old flame, but holding back because of uncertainty and fear of a tragic end. It's a lame feeling. Literally. Hate. It. It's one of those situations where you haven't lost, but you definitely haven't won either.... And that's exactly why I love this song. It turns a messy, uncertain situation into something so calm and wonderful. 

Plus, I got to use the word "muscadine" in the lyrics. My mother enjoys that, because it draws from my childhood. :-)

Give the demo a listen. I'd really like to know what you get from it.

-ryne <3