Where The Water Stands Still + Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving to all!

I decided to post this song today, because it's all about being thankful (though not particularly about Thanksgiving as a holiday)! I wrote this song about four years ago and am so... surprised (?) at the form that it's taken. I think that it's stunningly simple and that makes it breathtaking.

Specifically, it's about being thankful for every possibility in your life and being optimistic about everything there is to come. I really hope you feel the heart in it. I've been working on this one for months. I didn't quite know where it was going, so it gave me some trouble at first. I kept expecting it to do one thing and it would do something completely different. Maybe it was trying to teach me a lesson. Perhaps to actually listen to it's meaning and trust that whatever happens.. happens for a reason. ;-)

So, with all of this being said... Give it a listen. :-) It's definitely become one of my favorites! <3

I'm so thankful for all of you! Have a blessed holiday!

-ryne <3