(Not So) Lazy Sunday

Today, I worked and, let me just say, it should be illegal to work on a sunday. ;-)

So, I've officially decided that Georgia is bi-polar. We've literally seen three seasons in a matter of a few days. Ridiculous. Who the hell pissed Mother Nature off this week? They're so FIRED!

Since the normal October chill has started to set in, my mind has started to switch into winter mode, meaning I only ever want to drink Pumpkin flavored drinks and Apple Cider whilst listening to Imogen Heap 24/7. It's literally the perfect remedy for the hellacious cold weather approaching. I know I just made a playlist of music the other day. This post is going to be similar, only don't think of this as a playlist. Think of these songs as necessities for your everyday venture.

1. Just For Now

This song just sounds like pure holiday bliss. If you don't like that, get out now.

2. Let Go (Frou Frou)

I know I included this on my other playlist. I. Don't Care. It's that perfect. It sounds like a midnight stroll through a cozy forest. Almost eerie in a way, but very beautiful none the less.

3. Have You Got It In You

This is just one of THOSE songs. You know the kind. You hear the first note and you're automatically transfixed until it ends. It's so quiet and it breathes so easily. There's never a dull moment and, no matter how many times you listen to it, it never gets old. Every time I hear this song, I take away something new from it. Not many songs have that effect on me.

4. Wait It Out

For a long time, I kind of looked over this song. I don't know why. I've always loved it, but now I REALLY love it. It's such a gorgeous concept, one that I currently relate to so well. Plus, I really appreciate her attention to detail with this one. Oh my goodness, just listen to all those layers of beautiful instruments. It's phenomenal. 

*Also Allie Moss (WONDERFUL singer/songwriter + guitarist for Ingrid Michaelson) does a good cover of this song!*

5. Closing In

Hands down my favorite Imogen Heap song. It's not one that many people are familiar with unless they know all of her work. It's really powerful and I love the production of it. The lyrics are sung in a quiet high register and they're almost desperate. It's hard to not play this one on repeat.

6. Speeding Cars

Alright. This is the last one, I swear. I could literally go on for days with these songs.

I was really on the fence with this song for awhile. I didn't really listen to it a lot at first and I think it's because I didn't understand where she was coming from with it. I now see the meaning behind it. I don't know why it was so hard for me to grasp. It's really simple and haunting. Exactly the kind of song I need to make it through the cold, muggy days ahead. :-)

Listen to these songs and let's talk about what you got out of them!

Also: Don't forget about this! 10/10/14 at The Coffee Shop of Athens 7:30 PM!

-ryne <3