I've never been so excited for a Taylor Swift album before! I literally sat there watching the clock by, waiting for midnight... But then I realized the album went live about thirty minutes early! Of course, I nabbed it. :-)

I've already listened to it about ten times! Taylor has successfully (AND gracefully) moved from country-pop to POP! STRAIGHT UP! AND I LOVE IT! I have a good idea of which songs are my favorites. I'm sharing them below, obviously!

1. Clean

I know what you're thinking. "Of course this is Ryne's favorite. It was written/includes Imogen Heap." That's literally not even why I love this song so much. The lyrics are cleverly written. I love a good metaphor and this song is definitely one. Plus, I love the production. We all know why.

2. Welcome To New York

I find it quite ironic that she releases a song about moving to New York. "It's been waiting for you!" Why yes, Taylor, it has! ;-) This song is a positive sign to me that I'm doing the right thing (even though I decided awhile ago that I AM doing what's best). It came into my life at the perfect time. Thank you, God.

3. This Love

MMMM! The instant I heard the first few seconds, I knew I'd love it! It's a sad song. Some would say it's typical for Taylor, but let's be real... This album is NOT typical for Taylor! It's so different from her past efforts. This is a different type of T. Swift sad song and I LOVE THAT!

4. Blank Space

OW! This song is HOT! She's so sassy and it's perfect. It's a side of her that we've never really experienced through song. Way to push barriers.

5. I Know Places

The beginning of this song is kinda dark. I like that about it. Plus. This lyric. "They are the hunters, we are the foxes... and we run." I can't get enough. <3

So, as of right now, these are my top five. I think I'll be listening to this record non-stop for a few weeks. 

I'm not sorry.

-ryne <3