A Tale of Two Songbirds

There is so much to say about this collection of work, yet it leaves me speechless. For five years, I've nurtured these little stories. I've loved them. I've fought with them. I've let them grow in ways that I never expected and, ultimately, they became what they wanted to be.

Around three years ago, I was hopelessly lost. The swift transitions of life and my reckless naivety crippled me. It seemed that there was nowhere to turn for any release. I couldn't breathe. I'd struggle to sleep at night, restless from the heartache. The only thing that would comfort me were the soft notes on a piano, paired with words I'd written ages ago. Quietly singing... playing my heart to no audience at all.. dried every last tear. It was in those moments, at 3AM on several warm, July nights, that I knew what I had to do.

I had to sing.

Not just for me, but for the voices of who I used to be and those who couldn't.

I feel so lucky to bear the gift of songwriting: to be able to share such personal things with the world when normal conversation fails me, all while connecting with other people's experiences. You see, this isn't just a hobby for me. This is my happiness. It's my gift from God that I'm supposed to live and breathe every moment of my life. Without music, I'd be nothing. It's the first thing on my mind when I wake up and the last thing I think about before sweet rest. And that's how I got here.

A Tale of Two Songbirds is my greatest treasure. It's my triumphant story of making it out of the darkness. I love everything about it. The way my voice lilts when I belt into a higher register... the way the temperamental piano sticks and makes that dip sound... the way that all of the little imperfections just play out harmoniously... and, most importantly, the way it grows.

Sharing this with you is terrifying. It's also the most exciting thing. I know that there's someone in the world that needs it as much as I did. Knowing that alone makes it a little less scary. This holds every piece of my heart in it's bookends and i hope that you'll find yours in it's words. It's the first chapter in a long adventure, an adventure I want to share with you.

So, this is the story, so far.

It's imperfectly ideal.

It's every bit me.

-ryne <3



Stream "A Tale of Two Songbirds" in full HERE on the website!