...Crisp, competent pop music based on Meadow’s minimalist homemade beats and urgent, emotive vocals.
— Gabe Vodicka, Flagpole Magazine


Sophomore albums are a dreaded venture for most artists. For Ryne Meadow, it was a welcome blank slate. A self-proclaimed songbird, Meadow nested in the bedroom studio of his old family home and set out to create a new set of songs recounting his daily battle with mental health issues. Meadow’s album, There are Clouds in the Sky, was over two years in the making. He wrote the lyrics and music while mending his broken songbird’s tweet after a dark, two-year stint in the NYC area. The album was self-produced during a period of difficult times in Meadow’s life: a near loss of his old home, a move across the country, a series of depressive moments, and an unexpected bout with social anxiety.


Meadow’s first single from the album, “The Mess We’ve Made,” is an honest, diary-entry-style confessional written in the quiet moments after the unexpected end of a relationship. Producing it much like it was written, in his backyard, the song relies on an easy-listening style guitar progression with his voice making the raw emotional cuts in the quiet bridge, only to burst into a powerful final chorus. Ending the song with an optimistic statement, the songwriter shows that there is hope in any situation.


There are Clouds in the Sky is an album based on finding the silver linings in all of life’s hard times. Slated for an early February 2019 release, the songbird plans on sharing more songs as he prepares for a big album release show. More than ready to share this collection of work with the world, Meadow is excited to see how his work resonates with an audience who deserves music that shines a light on mental health struggles, something that he feels isn’t written about enough.